Discover your dream destination

Discover your dream travel destination

Excited to pick out your next adventure but no idea where to start? No problem! Here are some ideas to ignite your wanderlust. Click around to learn more about these incredible places — you’ll find your ultimate travel destination in no time.

Central America

With mist-shrouded forests and smoking volcanoes, lost cities and Mayan ruins, cerulean seas and blissful beaches, Central America is a delightful tropical paradise steeped in deep spiritual mysticism and culture. Explore jungle-clad lands sandwiched between the warm Caribbean Sea and the wild Pacific Ocean, cross the hanging bridges of Costa Rica’s cloud forests, explore remnants of great civilizations past in Guatemala, leap into the limestone cenotes of Mexico, soak up the sun at Belize’s Caye Caulker, swim alongside whale sharks off the coast of Honduras… the adventures are endless!

Costa Rica
El Salvador

South America

The wild lands of South America call to mind some of the most iconic and majestic sights — sprawling Amazonian rainforest, imposing Andean mountains, shimmering Patagonian glaciers, and awe-inspiring Incan ruins, to name just a few! There’s more than a lifetime’s worth of adventures found here. And if relaxation is on your mind, there’s no shortage of palm-fringed beaches and picturesque islands to unwind at. Pay a visit to Brazil’s jaw-dropping Iguazu Falls, kayak down the incredible Amazon River, go on the ultimate dive trip to the Galapagos, meet the alpacas that roam Machu Picchu, and so much more.


The Caribbean

The Caribbean exudes a lively and intoxicating vibe that takes island living to the next level. Made up of over 700 islands, the Caribbean is a rhapsody of gleaming azure waters, white-sand beaches, flavorful food, rolling reggae, sizzling salsa, centuries-old culture, and incredible people who know exactly how to enjoy life to the fullest. You can find every kind of island adventure here. Snorkel colorful reefs, chase waterfalls, discover unique communities and culture, stay in the dreamiest resorts, knock back a few rum cocktails, and join the colorful festivities of Carnival!



The continent of Europe offers travelers a great mosaic of countries to pick and choose from, each one distinctly unique and unabashedly different from the next. Each time you cross the border into your next destination, you encounter new languages, cuisines, traditions, histories, cultures, and landscapes. Sip the best wines in Portugal, island hop around the Cyclades, take in the majestic views of the Swiss Alps, traverse the sweeping glaciers and volcanoes of Nordic Iceland… we’re only just getting started! There’s no better time to connect with the heart and soul of Europe.