Why travel to Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico: A Caribbean gem with glorious white-sand beaches and a lively atmosphere guaranteed to capture your heart. From the vibrant streets of San Juan, where a kaleidoscope of life, music, and history greets you, to the pristine waters of offshore cays that make snorkeling a dream, Puerto Rico is paradise!

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When to visit Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is very much a Caribbean paradise — it never gets cold here, so you don’t need to rug up for winter! However, it’s worth looking closely at the weather between June and November, when hurricane season comes by. Like anywhere else in the Caribbean, tropical storms often come with the territory.

Why travel to Puerto Rico?
  • Since Puerto Rico enjoys a hot, humid, tropical climate, you can expect average temperatures to stay around 29°C on the coast, cooling off by just a few degrees as you get closer to the central mountains inland.
  • Want to avoid the crowds? Shoulder seasons from mid-April to May and September to mid-December are your best bet. They sit either side of the high season, giving you all the space you need to get a quiet vacay and calmer beaches. Just keep an eye on the weather in September, when hurricanes tend to blow in!
Why travel to Puerto Rico?
  • High season is something else entirely — come December, it’s all about sun, sand and surf for visitors. Puerto Rico comes alive as the country gears up for vibrant festivals and events, like Día de los Reyes and Carnaval.
  • This high season stretches until around April, while the month of July sees another surge in visitors, though slightly less dramatic compared to the winter months.
  • The low season from June to September sees discounted packages and less tourists. From August, storms tend to take hold, so if you’re traveling during this time, keep a close eye on the weather forecasts and consider some travel insurance to cover all bases.

Puerto Rico is truly blessed with the splendor of the Caribbean. Discover the natural beauty of this unforgettable island — join a TourHero to explore Puerto Rico with other avid travelers!

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