Why travel to Chile?

Chile: Stretching over 4,300 kilometers from coast to coast, this is the longest country in the world. It’s no surprise it hides the most epic and unexpected treasures, from Atacama’s dry desert in the north to the Patagonian glaciers in the south. Experience a country unlike any other.

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When to visit Chile

The best time to visit Chile depends on where you’re headed. Down south in Patagonia, the warmest and most accessible months stretch from October to March and temperatures reach a pleasant 15°C. Santiago, the central regions, and the Atacama Desert are considered more year-round destinations, with warmer weather that can reach 30°C in the daytime.

  • Patagonia is a very popular destination for visitors in the summer from October to February when the weather in the Southern Hemisphere is warm and pleasant. Accommodation can fill up very quickly during this time — book well in advance.
  • March is a great shoulder season to travel across Chile, particularly to the Lake District and wine country. Crowds in Patagonia start to ease up, and so do accommodation prices.
  • Patagonia’s low season stretches from April to August. It gets quieter and colder — hotels may close for the season. However, Torres del Paine National Park remains open, giving you the best opportunities for wildlife spotting without disturbances.
  • If you plan to hit the ski slopes in the mountains around Santiago, the winter months from June to August are your best bet.
  • From September until the end of spring, crowds are generally smaller and this is a great time to combine some city exploration in Santiago with an adventure north, including the Atacama Desert.
  • The best time to visit Easter Island is between December and March, with warm waters making it a perfect time to swim and scarce rainfall making it easy to explore.

Unlike any country on Earth, Chile boasts ski resorts, sun-kissed beaches, and wild terrain that can be accessed easily. It’s the perfect place for adventurers. Join a TourHero to explore Chile with other avid travelers!

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