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TourHero was born with a vision to curate amazing experiences for those who love to travel, but we always felt something was missing. It's when we asked ourselves "What turns a memorable trip into something 100% truly unforgettable?" that we figured out the answer: it's in traveling with like-minded individuals.

When we look back on our own travels, our fondest memories are those in which we connected with people on the road. Some of us went on solo road trips through Central Asia and met fellow backpackers in hostels, other members of our team motorbiked through Vietnam and reconnected with friends who had traveled from across the world, and yet others plan epic adventures with their buddies every year.

At TourHero, our mission is to create a world in which you can meet like-minded individuals through unforgettable journeys. It's to kindle that magic of allowing you to curate epic adventures, bring communities of fellow explorers together that become friends, and go on out-of-this-world experiences with them.

Man with drone at sunset in Bali
Pahalgam hill station
Man in boat at Kashmir Dal Lake
Man standing on rock at sunset in Bali
Betaab Valley in Kashmir
Man looking at waterfall in Bali

We exist to empower our community

Our trips start with a TourHero, your fellow explorer who's passionate about making lifelong friends through travel experiences where they've designed the itinerary, set the vibe, and curated the community coming together.

TourHero wouldn't exist without our travelers, our local operators, our heroes – we wouldn't exist without our community. Supporting and empowering you is what we're here for. From connecting heroes with the best local operators who help you experience the unforgettable to building community by helping fellow travelers get to know each other and bond even before the trip, at TourHero we strive to build the platform that makes it seamless to meet like-minded individuals and create memories that last a lifetime.

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