Why travel to Ecuador?

Ecuador: A country right on the equator with some of the most incredible terrain imaginable, straddling part of the Andes, occupying part of the Amazon, and featuring stunning beaches on the Pacific coast. Magical moments await!

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When to visit Ecuador

Ecuador’s weather varies depending on which part of the country you plan to visit. The weather generally varies by geography, with temperatures fluctuating across different altitudes rather than by latitude. With its proximity to the equator, you can expect temperatures to easily top 30°C in the lowlands. It gets colder in the mountains, while coastal areas see distinct wet and dry seasons.

Why travel to Ecuador?
  • Surprisingly, the best time to visit Ecuador’s beaches is during the rainy season from December to May. Mornings tend to be sunny, with rain falling in short bursts in the late afternoon. The dry season from June to November brings muggy, cold, and overcast days that can stay for long periods.
  • Wet weather is expected in the Amazon year-round, though December to May is particularly wet. Try to visit between June and November for best visibility to observe wildlife.
  • Seasons up in the highlands are more consistent. You can expect days to be hot and sunny all year round, though nights can be bitterly cold, so dress accordingly. It’s generally advisable to hike the mountains during the dry season, between June and November.
Why travel to Ecuador?

The Galapagos Islands

  • Peak season stretches from June to September and from late December to January. The Galapagos Islands can get very crowded, so it’s best to book your trip well in advance! 
  • However, peak season doesn’t quite coincide with the best weather. You’ll find the best months to visit the Galapagos are between December and May. While they are the warmest months and wet weather might be on the cards, the seas are much calmer. June to November may be drier but much chillier, and visibility for divers becomes poorer.

With an endless list of things to see and do, Ecuador is the ultimate destination for travelers with a heart for adventure. Join a TourHero to explore Ecuador with other avid travelers!

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