Why travel to Jamaica?

Jamaica: An emerald island in the Caribbean often known as the birthplace of reggae music and a hotspot for pure tropical fun. Jamaica is packed full of surprises: miles of breathtaking beaches, hidden blue lagoons, lost waterfalls, an endless list of paradise resorts, and so much more!

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When to visit Jamaica

Jamaica boasts great beach weather all year round, being a sultry tropical country with very little fluctuation in temperature. It is the warmest of the Caribbean islands; you can expect daytime temperatures to consistently hit an average of 30°C, while nighttime temperatures rarely dip below 20°C.

Why travel to Jamaica?
  • Peak season, which stretches from mid-December to mid-April, coincides with the clearest skies and driest weather. If you’re looking for a great adventure outdoors or want uninterrupted sunshine on the beach, this is the best time to head to Jamaica. Book well in advance. 
  • Wet weather starts to arrive in May and June with the heaviest rainfall occurring in October. During these months, particularly in September and October, try to take advantage of cheaper flights and accommodation. You’ll also avoid the crowds at this time.
Why travel to Jamaica?
  • Jamaica’s northern coast experiences more rain while the south is sheltered from the winds by the Blue Mountains. Either way, on most days, rains are usually limited to short afternoon bursts that clear up quite quickly. Sunshine is still on the cards.
  • If you’re all about the music and beach parties, catch the country’s biggest reggae celebration, the annual Reggae Sumfest. This takes place in Montego Bay in July.
  • The best time for scuba diving is from May to September, when waters are warm and crystal clear. Visibility can get up to 35 meters during these summer months, while in contrast, visibility may drop to 10 meters in the rainy season.

With a spectacular vibe unlike anywhere else on Earth, Jamaica is a travel destination that you’ll find wildly unique. Join a TourHero to explore Jamaica with other avid travelers!

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