Why travel to Argentina?

Argentina: This stunning country has something for everyone with vibrant cities, incredible national parks, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites throughout. You can eat innovative food in Buenos Aires, trek through Patagonia on the paths less traveled, and enjoy a drink at “the end of the world” all in the same week. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fun in Argentina, and it’s waiting for you to start your journey.

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When to visit Argentina

Argentina has three varying climate systems based on location: the north region, the central region, and the southern region. The warmer months for all regions fall between November and March, as the weather is sunny and dry. However, the level of warmth will depend upon where you are in the country. The north can see highs of 30°C, but the south barely breaks 10°C and can dip as low as -2°C in the winter months. The northern region is great for year-round travel, as its temperatures typically remain humid and tropical, while the central region averages 18°C but faces heavy rain in the winter months of April through October.

Floralis Genérica sculpture in Buenos Aires
  • Peak season is dependent upon where you want to go and what you want to see, but generally, the warmer months of December through February bring the most tourists to all regions.
  • For those traveling to Patagonia, December through March are the best travels months, as they will be the warmest and safest for those trekking through the parks. However, this is the high season for treks, so book early to get a stellar guide and prime lodging.
  • Argentina is a great travel destination for wine lovers. The grapes harvest in February and March in Mendoza, making this the perfect time to check out the wineries. Be aware that this time of year will bring travelers from around the world, filling the vineyards and the cities.
Hiking trails in Patagonia
  • The low season between July and August brings wet weather in all regions and freezing temperatures in the south, which means many accommodations for trekking shut down during this time. It’s not recommended to travel to the southern region during these months as flights can get canceled and trekking can become too dangerous.
  • You can take your chances on the shoulder season in May, April, and September as the weather will be warmer, but the precipitation can be unpredictable in the southern regions.
  • When it comes to sightseeing and exploring the big cities, such as Buenos Aires and Córdoba, traveling from June through August will bring fewer crowds. You can score great hotel deals, and you won’t have to fight the crowds to see all the iconic landmarks.

From innovative gastronomy in Buenos Aires and fine wines in Mendoza to Patagonian treks that will take your breath away, Argentina has something for everyone to enjoy. Join a TourHero to explore Argentina with other avid travelers!

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