Why travel to Brazil?

Brazil: An eclectic mix of people, culture, and stunning landscapes, all combined into one vibrant and captivating destination. This is where the forests and rivers hide the greatest biodiversity on the planet; this is where the most lively cities will capture your heart.

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When to visit Brazil

Most of Brazil sits south of the equator. Visiting the country is a fantastic idea no matter what the time of year as the weather is generally perfect! You can expect a predominantly tropical climate with temperatures averaging above 25°C. Although most of the country lies in the tropics, you will also find plateau cities such as Sao Paulo with milder climates and cooler temperatures.

  • Warm and tropical, Brazil is the best country to travel to if you want to escape the cold of the Northern Hemisphere between November and March. These are Brazil’s warmest months and also when the beach life in Brazil is in full swing!
  • Does it rain in Brazil? Of course. That said, the country usually gets 300 sunny days a year, so you can expect a good amount of clear weather.
  • It’s worth noting that the northeastern coast experiences more rain in June and July, but usually in the form of quick afternoon showers.
  • If you’re visiting the Pantanal, the driest months between April and October offer the best wildlife spotting opportunities, especially if you want to see jaguars. December through March is often the best time to observe migratory birds.
  • June and July are the perfect months to visit the Green Coast sitting between Rio and Sao Paulo. You can enjoy cooler evenings and warm sea waters.
  • Visiting the Amazon will be a hot and humid affair whenever you decide to visit. Instead, you should take note of the rainy season. From November to January, during the wetter months, you’ll do much of your exploring in a boat rather than on foot.

Legendary Brazil should be on every avid traveler’s bucket list, whether you’re after a beach holiday, a cultural experience, or something more. Join a TourHero to explore Brazil with other avid travelers!

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