Australian desert animals — Thorny devil

Desert wildlife of Central Australia: 10 Weird and wonderful animals to spot at Uluru

The huge desert area of Central Australia may appear like a barren wasteland — incredibly isolated with a harsh and unforgiving climate to boot. But take a closer look at the ochre sands and you’ll discover that it is home to some truly amazing critters. Next time you head out on an adventure to Alice Springs, Uluru, and beyond, keep an eye out for these 10 amazing animals!
Is it safe to travel within Australia?

Is it safe to travel within Australia? COVID-19 protocols to take note of

Australia has been updating domestic travel protocols to combat COVID-19 and keep everyone safe. Changes over the weeks have resulted in new laws and regulations. Do you need to wear a mask? Can you cross state borders? Learn what each state and territory is doing to minimize the spread of COVID-19 as we answer the question: "is it safe to travel within Australia?"