Why travel to the USA?

USA: The United States of America is filled with exciting opportunities to have fun, explore, and learn through its national parks, vibrant cities, innovative gastronomy, and variety of arts and culture experiences. You can enjoy hiking, relax on a beach, dig deep into historical roots, and party until the sun comes up all on the same day! With a variety of landscapes and backdrops throughout the 50 states, everyone will find their place in this diverse wonderland.

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When to visit the USA

There’s never a bad time to travel to the USA, as the weather varies from cold temperatures in the north and warm sunny beaches in the south. It all depends on what you want to do and what you want to see. Most states experience four seasons, however, the climate will vary depending on the region and time of year.

North: In most northern areas of the US, you’ll find all four seasons represented throughout the year. The winter months are from December through February and bring heavy snow and cold temps, making it a great time for skiers and snowboarders to hit the slopes. From March through April, you’ll find springtime weather and rain with temperatures averaging anywhere from 40 to 60°F. These shoulder months are the best months to avoid large crowds in big cities and historical towns with accommodations being far cheaper than the summer months. Summer falls between June and August with temperatures that can reach 100°F and high humidity. This is a great time to explore the coastline and stellar beaches from the northern to the southern states. The best weather in the north is during the autumn months of September through November with average temps in the 60s and 70s. The trees are turning beautiful colors, and there is a world of opportunity to enjoy seasonal harvest activities at local farms and shops.

Midwest: In the midwest, you’ll find average winter temps that range anywhere from 25 to 35°F and moderate snowfall depending on the state and location. Summers are generally warm with highs in the 90s for July and August, however, weather in the midwest is subject to area and month as jet streams from the north and south affect regions in various ways. The midwest is also prone to tornadoes, especially in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.

South: In the southern states, you’ll find warmer weather year-round compared to the north, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find chilly temperatures, especially at night in the desert regions. In the winter months, you’ll see average temps anywhere between 40 and 55°F depending on your location, with states like Florida and parts of California maintaining over 50°F year-round. The summers are generally hot in the south, with temperatures reaching well over 105°F in most areas. The coastal cities will bring a respite in the form of offshore breezes, but the air is generally drier in the south, giving the harsh numbers a cooler feel compared to the north. While the south typically doesn’t get much snowfall, hurricanes run the show. Hurricane season can range anywhere from June to November, with peak months ranging from August through September.

  • Peak season in the US varies depending on region and activity. For the snowy, winter months, many flock to northern areas to ski in places, such as Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Utah, and Colorado. In the summer, you’ll find both coasts packed with tourists looking to rent summer homes and spend their days on the beaches.
  • Major cities with various tourist attractions, such as New York City, Chicago, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, and Seattle, see visitors year-round for a range of activities and sites. In the warmer months, many will travel to see baseball games, historical landmarks, and shopping options, but the colder months bring holiday decorations, seasonal shows, and in some states, a snowy wonderland.
  • The best time to explore national parks in the American southwest is during the shoulder seasons in the spring and fall. You can find deals and mild weather from March to May and the end of September through October.
  • For museum trips and indoor activities, use the winter months up north to avoid crowds and large groups.

The USA has something for everyone. From beaches and party towns to alpine adventures and national parks, you can see it all throughout the 50 states. Join a TourHero to explore the USA with other avid travelers!

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