Why travel to Morocco?

Morocco: Lively markets, desert treks, hiking to remote waterfalls, and beach days are just some of the wonders Morocco has in store. You can surf on the coast, sip some mint tea in the medina, and explore the ruins scattered throughout its many cities. This majestic country is filled with ancient history, and it’s waiting for you to answer the call to adventure.

Embark on epic adventures in Morocco

When to visit Morocco

Morocco has a varied geography, which means the climate is dependent upon your destination. Generally, there is never a bad time to travel to this incredible country, although the spring and fall tend to bring the most travelers with temperatures averaging anywhere from 18 to 23°C. The summer months from June through August face high temperatures reaching up to 45°C in the Sahara. However, cities such as Marrakech and Fez average about 32°C, which is great for spending time at your riad’s pool. November through February are the winter months and typically bring cooler, chilly weather with rain, but the cities will always be bustling, as warmer temps remain throughout the day in the northern part of the country.

Souk in Marrakech
  • Peak seasons are in the spring from March through May and in the fall from September through October. These months bring consistent warm, dry weather and many European travelers who are looking to take their annual vacation. The bigger cities and more popular beaches will be busy during these times, but there is always a less-traveled option and a small beach town to explore.
  • While Morocco has four seasons, the days are generally warm and allow for exploring the cities and the coastline throughout the year. If you’re looking to explore the cities and avoid the crowds, waiting until the winter months will get you the best deals and fewer tourists.
Beach in Taghazout, Morocco
  • The low season between June and August brings hot and humid weather to the cities, but the prices drop significantly when it comes to hotels and flights. If you don’t mind the heat, you can find some stellar travel deals.
  • If you’re coming to Morocco to trek in the gorge or explore the mountains, the winter months bring significant rainfall that can make roads and mountain trails impassible. Focus on the shoulder season months of February and November to avoid the crowds and temperamental weather.
  • For Sahara trips, it’s best to avoid the summer months, as temperatures can become stifling. The shoulder seasons offer the best times to enjoy the desert experience without discomfort.

Morocco is a vibrant country with delicious food, bustling marketplaces, welcoming locals, relaxing coastal towns, and deserts to explore. Join a TourHero to explore Morocco with other avid travelers!

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