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Top 10 Korean street food recipes that you can make at home

Ever wanted to try making your own tteokbokki or kimchijeon? Bookmark this page! These are the easy recipes you are looking for.

From Korean street toast (gilgeori–toast) to spicy rice cakes (tteokbokki), South Korea is widely known for its tempting and delicious street food. Sold at markets, subway stations, and shopping streets you can find these delicious treats everywhere you turn.

Photo by Moujib Aghrout via Unsplash

Transport your tastebuds to Korea by making these tantalizing treats from scratch in your own kitchen! These recipes are easy to follow and great for an afternoon snack. Best of all, this means you can enjoy the delights of Korean street food in the comforts of your own home. Check out these top 10 Korean street food recipes that you can make right now!

Korean street toast (gilgeori–toast 길거리토스트 )

You don’t have to go to Korea’s most popular street toast shops like Isaac Toast and Egg Drop to enjoy this impressive sandwich. If you are currently watching the popular K–Drama titled Hospital Playlist, satisfy that Egg Drop craving with this quick and easy recipe. This recipe is great to try at home because of the sheer customizability of it. Add bacon, cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, and even an entire hash brown in your toasted sandwich to make it your own!

Korean potato pancake (gamjajeon 감자전)

Korean potato pancake, or gamjajeon, is a great snack to enjoy during tea time! With potatoes as the main ingredient, this simple and easy dish is the Korean version of an American hash brown. Traditionally, Koreans like to have this snack during a cold and depressing rainy day because it warms their bellies up. We hope that this one makes you smile on a chilly day!

Spicy rice cake (tteokbokki 치즈 떡뽁이 )

If you are looking for something with a little kick, these spicy rice cakes are perfect for you! Often served as a side dish known as banchan (반찬), these soft and pillowy rice cakes drenched with a sweet and spicy sauce are a staple in many Korean diets. Making these Korean rice cakes at home allows you to tweak the amount of heat you put in, convenient for both spice and non–spice lovers! This recipe shows you how to make this flavor–packed dish with store–bought rice cakes, but you can learn how to make the much–loved Korean staple from scratch here.

Kimbap (김밥)

Similar to Japanese sushi, kimbap is a Korean dish made with cooked rice and ingredients, wrapped in seaweed. Popular as a picnic snack and a common lunch for lunchbox–toting school children, kimbap is one of our favorites to make and eat! The ingredients to put in a kimbap are endless… from cheese to spam, kimbap is a dish loved by everyone!

Dumplings (mandu 만두)

Dumplings are some of the most versatile and commonly found foods. From Chinese dumplings (jiaozi) to Russian pierogis, dumplings are found all over the world. The Korean version of this easy but delicious treat is the mandu, a dumpling filled with a mixture of meats and vegetables. You can find mandu sold on food streets with fillings including kimchi, mushrooms, tofu, and meat like minced pork. Best served steamed or pan–fried, enjoy this lovely treat at home!

Chicken skewers (dakkochi 닭꼬치 )

These Korean chicken skewers are some of the most mouth–watering and wholesome Korean street foods. These chicken skewers are best served fresh off the grill. Top the chargrilled flavor off with an addictively thick sweet and spicy sauce and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Enjoy this with a sneaky shot of soju, a popular Korean alcoholic drink.

Korean sweet honey pancakes (honey hotteok 허니 핫떡)

These Korean sweet honey pancakes are some of the most delectable and gooey desserts you can find on the streets of Seoul. Crispy on the outside, these pancakes are often filled with brown sugar syrup on the inside and served hot. Pair this with an ice–cold glass of milk for the best of both worlds. Here’s a secret tip, instead of using brown sugar syrup, try Nutella! This chocolatey goodness is bound to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Kimchi pancake (kimchijeon 김치전)

Kimchi pancakes are often found as sides at Korean bars where they are best paired with soju or makkoli, a light and sparkling rice wine. These pancakes can be made with two simple ingredients: kimchi and flour batter. Change it up by adding different vegetables, meat and even seafood to get a more versatile and wholesome taste of Korean street food.

Tornado potato (hoeorigamja 회오리 감자)

Cheekily named tornado potato, this fun Korean street food is a pleasure to snack on. It is also very easy to make, its main ingredient consisting of one potato put on a stick and then thinly sliced. Complete this fried potato masterpiece by dousing it in ketchup, mayonnaise, or any of your favorite seasonings for the perfect stay–at–home snack!

Egg bread (gyeran-ppang 계란빵)

Korean egg bread is a soft and warm loaf of eggy heaven. Commonly sold by street vendors, this is a heartwarming snack to have on a cold winter’s day. This is the perfect mix of sweet and savory, with a whole egg wrapped in a sweet pancake dough. Change it up by adding ham or nuts to the dough for a hearty and complete breakfast meal!

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