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James Bond: No Time to Die — filming locations and how to find them

It’s been a long time coming, but as anyone who has seen the new James Bond movie No Time to Die will agree, the wait has been worth it. A retired Bond returns to active service and the most dangerous journey of his life, shot against some glorious locations in Europe and the Caribbean. Here we’ll pinpoint the exact places where some of the film’s most iconic moments took place — finding all of these makes for one unforgettable trip!

James Bond’s No Time to Die marks the 25th film in the series. It is also actor Daniel Craig’s fifth and final appearance in the lead role. Alongside risking his life and knocking back the occasional dry martini, Bond is famed for his jet-setting nature. This latest film takes him to various locations, as you’ll see in the explosive trailer.

We’ve seen James Bond travel the world from one thrilling movie to the next, and on the ride, we’ve been taken to some of the most picturesque places on Earth. Thankfully, Bond 25 is no exception, with our plucky hero zipping around the historic city streets of Matera in Italy, hiding out in sun-kissed Port Antonio in Jamaica, and finding himself in slightly-colder places like Scotland, Norway and the Faroe Islands. Once you’ve seen the movie, why not go see some of the filming locations for yourself?

Matera, Italy

Amongst the many traits that a Bond film is famous for lie Italy and car chases. Several of 007’s adventures have seen him wind up somewhere in this beautiful European country. No Time to Die features at least three Italian destinations!

Matera is the scene for the film’s opening car chase. This region dates back to 7,000 BC and may be the sight of the first settlers in Italy. Matera is famous for its cave dwellings and ancient cave drawings, which these days are a major tourist attraction. Other Italian scenes in No Time to Die were filmed in Gravina, and the coastal shots are close to the town of Sapri in the province of Salerno.

Port Antonio, Jamaica

In No Time to Die, we see a happily-retired secret agent Bond chillaxing in a waterfront cottage in Port Antonio, Jamaica. Aside from featuring in several movies, Jamaica is akin to Bond’s spiritual home. The film’s first official announcement took place at author Ian Fleming’s Goldeneye estate, and every one of the 14 novels was written there! The character may be of Scottish heritage, but there’s a corner of the Caribbean forever in his heart.

Bond’s waterfront cabin was built specifically for the movie. Port Antonio is one of Jamaica’s prime tourist destinations, with its beautiful coastline and laid-back atmosphere. It’s also close to the famous idyllic Blue Lagoon. This lagoon was once thought to be bottomless, but it’s now calculated to be 200 feet at its deepest point.

Anyone visiting Port Antonio should seek out the dramatic Reach Falls in the local area too. There are also plenty of sandy beaches to enjoy some R & R! Just the ticket for a retired agent who’s spent his career pursuing a slightly-more-active way of life. Fun fact: the ‘Cuban’ scenes in No Time to Die were also shot in Jamaica.

Reach Falls in Port Antonio, Jamaica
Image by Morten Idriss Nygaar… via Wikimedia Commons

Bond author Ian Fleming and Jamaica

Author Ian Fleming began the Bond saga in Jamaica, having had an estate built on Oracabessa Bay to the north. The property is perched on a cliff, overseeing the beach and ocean. Fleming named his house ‘Goldeneye’, which was taken for the title of a James Bond film in 1995.

Ian Fleming at GoldenEye, Jamaica
Image by The Fleming Villa

The Goldeneye estate is alive and well, although it is now a hotel and holiday resort owned by Chris Blackwell, former owner of Island Records. Blackwell is credited by many as being a driving force in introducing Jamaican reggae music to the rest of the world. He extended the estate to include several cottages and more land. Interestingly, he bought the estate from none other than Bob Marley, probably Jamaica’s most famous musician!

GoldenEye Resort in Jamaica
Image by GoldenEye via Facebook

Cairngorms, Scotland

The Italian car chase we spoke of earlier is only the start of the four-wheeled frenzy in No Time to Die. One such chase takes place in Scotland’s Cairngorms. This area forms the UK’s largest national park, and it’s a sprawling playground for hikers, mountaineers and ski-tourers. Later scenes can be found on the shores of Loch Laggan, close to Dalwhinnie, on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park.

Kalsoy, Faroe Islands

The little-known Faroe Islands make an appearance in No Time to Die, taking on the role of a nameless island claimed by both Russia and Japan. To be specific, it’s actually on the Faroe island named Kalsoy, which houses 100 local residents, a lighthouse, hills and some jaw-dropping cliff-faces.

You’ll find the Faroes some 200 miles north of Scotland. Kalsoy can only be reached by a ferry from the island of Borooy. If you fancy a trip, don’t forget to pack some very warm clothing!

Langvann Lake, Norway

Look out for the frozen lake featuring in Bond 25. This is Langvann, near Oslo. A second lake (Lutvann) makes an appearance, in the forest of Østmarka.

Norway also features in a car chase (yes, those again!), which passes over the snaking Atlanterhavsveien Bridge. This area is close to Kristiansund on the country’s west coast. A famous road for tourists, the name translates to the ‘Atlantic Ocean’ road. It’s every bit as scenic as it appears in the film, no matter what time of year you visit.

Image by Datingjungle via Unsplash

Whether you’re an obsessive fan or not, the Bond films always throw a few ideas in the air for intrepid travelers. No Time to Die offers some truly unforgettable destinations. Enjoy finding some of these locations on your own travels, and for more ideas, check out our own epic adventures in Italy and Jamaica.

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