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10 Spring break trips under $500 — kick-off 2022 with a new adventure!

The new year is a time to reflect and take a good long look at the year ahead. It’s also a wonderful time to shake off the shackles of winter and recharge your batteries via a vacation. Thankfully, we have a host of exciting tours available for under $500, so why not jump into 2022 by planning a fresh adventure and leave the cold weather behind!

So, with USD 500 at your disposal, you may be surprised to see how far it takes you. From outdoor adventures in Costa Rica and Ecuador to city/island spring breaks in Brazil and the diverse landscapes of Colombia, you’ll find a journey to match all tastes.

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Costa Rica

Spring brings with it some of Costa Rica’s hottest weather, so if you’re in need of some friendly rays, it’s the perfect destination! However, if you struggle in the heat, don’t let it put you off. The outdoor paradise of Costa Rica is full of national parks, rainforests and beautiful coastline — it’s a feast for all the senses and a delight for both thrill-seekers and chillaxers.

Best spring break trips we recommend for Costa Rica

Into the Jungles of Costa Rica: Arenal Volcano Adventure

Here, you’ll visit the magnificent Arenal Volcano and take in the secrets of the rainforest, a lush world teeming with exotic wildlife, absolutely stunning views, and some epic adrenaline activities. You’ll also become acquainted with the capital city of San Jose and learn the art of Costa Rican cooking.

Tour price starts from just $440 — find out more here!


Things are a little cooler than normal in an Ecuadorian spring, with temperatures around the 22°C mark in cities, and plenty of sunshine to be had on the blissful coast. Given the range of landscapes in this South American country, vacationing here in spring will give you the perfect opportunity to see it at its best — the recent rainy season ensures the scenery is at its greenest and most plentiful.

Best spring break trips we recommend for Ecuador

Adventures in Quito: Sightseeing, Hiking, and Waterfalls

Wow, our trip to Quito has everything a spring adventurer can dream of! From the city’s landmarks to its famous lagoon and crater lake, outdoor junkies will love it. And alongside some of the finest photographic opportunities, you’ll also learn some local craft skills and experience valley life.

Tour price starts from just $450 — find out more here!


Brazil’s dry season begins in April, and with it, the scorchingly hot and humid weather begins to teeter off. It’s still delightfully toasty of course, and the party spirit, vibrant atmosphere and unforgettable beaches make Brazil a glorious spring destination.

Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro
Image by Agustin Diaz Gargiulo via Unsplash

Best spring break trips we recommend for Brazil

Ultimate Rio de Janeiro & Ilha Grande Explorer

A tale of two halves, you’ll firstly live like a local in Rio and experience the best of the city’s nightlife, clubs and parties! Then, in a perfect contrast, you’ll travel to the paradise island of Ilha Grande, which is decked out in miles of forest trails, laid-back vibes and unforgettable beaches.

Tour price starts from just $435 — find out more here!

Manaus Discovery Tour: Brazil’s City in the Amazon

Manaus is a port city that sits right in the heart of the glorious Amazon Rainforest! This hidden jewel is also a gateway to the biggest ecological reserve on earth, and the bridge between a concrete jungle and beautiful wilderness.

Tour price starts from just $385 — find out more here!

Hidden Gems of Salvador de Bahia & The Bay of All Saints

Flanked by the bay of All Saints and the Atlantic Ocean, Salvador is one of the most picturesque cities, with its time-worn cobblestone streets, colorful squares and musical culture. Alongside exploring the city, you’ll take to the water on a schooner tour of the Bay of All Saints, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tour price starts from just $300 — find out more here!


Spring in Colombia falls at the end of the dry season, so there’s far less of a chance you’ll be caught in a deluge of rain! Temperatures are also a delight for visitors, grooving around 20°C. For one of the most diverse spring breaks, be sure to choose Colombia — think Caribbean-esque beaches, Andean Mountains, rainforests, vibrant cities and so much more!

Best spring break trips we recommend for Colombia

City Sights and Beachfront Paradise in Cartagena

From the city to the beach, our five-day Cartagena tour is just the thing to rid yourself of winter cobwebs. Sample local food, major sights and colorful streets before heading to Isla Grande to explore the ocean and coastal culture.

Tour price starts from just $498 — find out more here!

Reconnecting with Nature in Santa Marta and La Guajira

Leave the beaten path behind to reconnect with nature and discover Colombia’s indigenous roots, both past and present. You’ll explore the archeological wonders of the ancient Tayrona, meet the Arhuaca people, and create art with the Wayúu. This is an amazing way to shake off the winter blues and to refuel and reconnect with the earth beneath your feet.

Tour price starts from just $484 — find out more here!


Enjoy a spring break to Mexico and you’ll see the country at its finest — dry without being too humid, and hurricane-free. Seriously though, there’s no bad time to visit Mexico to take in the ancient culture, friendly locals, fabulous cuisine and amazing wildlife. So why not make it this spring?

Best spring break trips we recommend for Mexico

Adventure, Sunsets and Mezcal in Oaxaca

Taking in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Oaxaca, you’ll be introduced to a world of historical culture and pyramids. And you’ll also have the delightful colonial town of Oaxaca on your doorstep, with its incredible cuisine and mezcal traditions. Taste this national drink at its source with a visit to the village distilleries!

Tour price starts from just $340 — find out more here!

The Bahamas

Hundreds of islands, a party spirit and some of the clearest seas in the world make the Bahamas a prime vacation destination. Spring is also a delightful time to explore the 2,000 different beaches, given that the temperatures hang around the 25°C mark. Treat yourself to a few days in paradise.

Best spring break trips we recommend for the Bahamas

3 Nights in the Bahamas: Getaway Cruise to CocoCay & Nassau

Let loose on a mega-ship and make your spring break one to remember! This is your time to live up the cruise lifestyle surrounded by the best Royal Caribbean amenities that the amazing Freedom of the Seas offers. Think epic waterslides, endless dining options, poolside bars, live entertainment, and glorious sea views. You’ll also get to visit CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s private island, and Nassau, the colorful capital of the Bahamas. Perfect for working on that tan!

Tour price starts from just $320 — find out more here!

… and closer to home: the United States

“Getting away from it all” might mean traveling to a far-off place for some of us, but don’t forget that one of the most diverse countries on Earth is right on your doorstep! Yep, very few destinations can match the United States for its combination of cities, coastal breaks, outdoor wilderness, mix of cultures, and jaw-dropping landscapes.

Best spring break trips we recommend for the United States

Experience New Orleans: Sightseeing, History & Nightlife

The home of blues and jazz music, everyone should visit New Orleans at least once in their lifetime. Few places have such a rich history, and you’ll also learn about ghosts, lip-smacking French Quarter cuisine, and take in all the sights and sounds of the city known as ‘Big Easy’.

Tour price starts from just $340 — find out more here!

Ready to get going?

Spring into spring with a $500 vacay this year! If you’re looking to travel later in 2022, explore some more inspiration and find the perfect trip to match your dream journey!

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