Travel podcasts to fuel your wanderlust from home
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5 Travel podcasts to help you explore the world without leaving home

While planes stay grounded, travel podcasts are soaring in popularity. Here are some of the best that we’ve encountered. Tune in and start listening!

Podcasts have made it possible for busy people to absorb everything from interesting stories to weird facts, odd news to educational tidbits while on the go. What then, is the podcast protocol for being stuck at home with nowhere to go and no way to explore the world? Cue the sudden frenzy to tune into the wonderful world of travel podcasts. 

While we’re all stuck staring at the same four walls each day instead of sipping mojitos on the beach in Phuket, this is certainly the best time for the likes of The Trail Less Traveled and Armchair Explorer to save the day. Be whisked away to another part of the world while you sip on that frothy homemade Dalgona coffee, bake that sourdough loaf, or work up a sweat on your yoga mat. If you’re looking for a quick voyage into the unknown, we suggest turning up the volume and letting these roving travel podcasts ignite your wanderlust from the comfort of your home.

The Trail Less Traveled

If you’ve exhausted all of the travel shows on Netflix, this podcast is for you. Recorded in a delightfully cinematic style, The Trail Less Traveled is dedicated to throwing its listeners into a world of intimate stories and sound. With a focus on tales shared by people from the most remote locations around the globe, you’ll find that many episodes are recorded on location, giving you a very personal look into each narrative that unfolds. 

From interviews with nomadic tribes in the heart of the Sahara Desert, where stories of goat herding, celestial navigation, and the importance of finding water are shared, to an interesting look into what life is like growing up on a dairy farm as told by a celebrated cheese maker in South Africa, The Trail Less Traveled certainly gives you some very fresh insights.

Zero to Travel

In a list of essential travel podcasts, Zero to Travel is a must–listen. When it comes to dishing out travel tips and inspiration, it is a treasure trove of priceless perspectives. Hosted by travel expert Justin Moore, his tone remains consistently entertaining as he delves into conversations with the most adventurous of people. Many of his guests have plenty to say about living life on the road, making each episode a fun, educational affair. 

A perfect example? Jason dives straight into the heart of the topic in the episode Antarctica: Living And Working On The Frozen Continent with Zach and Leah, who spent five months there. From candid talks about daily life and job–hunting, to insights about the toll that Antarctica takes on the mind and body, the podcast shares some truly eye–opening moments.

Field Recordings

Field Recordings is perhaps the most unique travel podcast in this list. The idea of this project is so straightforwardly simple, it’s almost genius. 

In a nutshell, Field Recordings immerses listeners in an unusual locale without being physically there. The concept is simple: audio–makers silently record sounds out in “fields” (or what they broadly interpret as fields). Tune into the curious recording of squawking cockatoos before dusk on the edge of Canberra’s inner suburbs and pretend you’re in the heart of Australian bushland as you sit at your work desk. Or relax to the sounds of a tranquil moment on a bridge over the River Ping in Chiang Mai, accentuated by the clucking and crowing of hens and roosters, a radio playing softly in the background, and the movement of people crossing the bridge.

Travel With Meaning

The Travel With Meaning podcast, hosted by Mike Schibel, curates inspiring conversations with people from all walks of life. With a diverse selection of guests—think food writers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, musicians, chefs, athletes, and content creators—every episode touches on how travel impacts the lives, perspectives, and careers of these individuals. 

In Episode 29, Chef Gio Osso talks about how past trips around Italy have influenced his cooking, and also how travel has made him better as a person. His storytelling immerses listeners in nostalgic tales of growing up on a farm surrounded by abundant sources of fresh produce. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Episode 32 introduces 24–year–old Hunter Jones, a professional surfer who talks about his experience traveling to various locations with the desire to surf the best waves and interact with different cultures. 

Armchair Explorer

If you are looking to listen to travelers talking about rare and introspective moments, the Armchair Explorer podcast certainly delivers. Episodes are loaded with atmospheric sound effects to highlight unique adventures that take you far away from home. These first–hand accounts make you feel like you are living the same extraordinary situation as the speaker.

Take, for example, Tima Deryan climbing Mount Everest and looking her own mortality in the eye, or writer Juliet Rix, who walks us through her time staying with the last remaining migrating shepherds of the Indian Himalayas. Armchair Explorer takes you on these offbeat journeys to ignite your imagination and, quite frankly, should be on anyone’s ultimate list of travel podcasts!

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