Why travel to Panama?

Panama: The southernmost country in Central America is blessed with an endless summer, a plethora of deserted islands, sun-kissed beaches, hidden wildlife, and enchanting cloud forests. There’s nothing quite like Panama.

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When to visit Panama

Panama is a tropical country located on the narrow bridge of land that connects the continents of North and South America. Generally humid and warm all year, you can expect average temperatures to remain within the mid-20°C to low 30°C range.

Why travel to Panama?
  • While temperatures do not fluctuate much, Panama experiences a dry and wet season; both seasons can be good for traveling depending on the activities you choose. 
  • Most visitors take advantage of the dry season that stretches from mid-December to April. Traveling at this time guarantees very little rain, perfect for long periods of outdoor exploration.
  • On the Caribbean coast, you can expect short bursts of rain almost daily. On the Pacific coast, especially around Panama City, it is much drier — wet season here starts in May and tapers off by November.
Why travel to Panama?
  • The period between November and early December makes a great shoulder season to explore the country — the rainforests are particularly enjoyable as they are at their peak lushness and you’ll see fewer crowds.
  • Wildlife sightings are common all throughout the year. However, visiting over September and October will give you the best chance to witness olive ridley sea turtles nest on the beach. Humpback whales can be sighted between July and October off the Pacific coast. 
  • The best time for snorkeling and diving is between January and March, when rains are rare and visibility is excellent. For the best whale shark sightings, head to Coiba National Park between December and April.

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